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Accident Case Claim Process in india

An accident claim can be a way to get compensation for an injury caused to a victim when it was not their fault. It is important for the victim to act as soon as possible, as there is a time limitation on how long after the accident any claim can be made.

एक्सीडेंट केस क्लेम

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The standard time limitation for accident claims is three years, which means that if court action does not commence within this time period then the victim of an accident is prevented from claiming the compensation that could rightfully be theirs.

There can be exceptions to the three-year time limit on injury claims, depending on the nature of the injury and the circumstances of the victim. The rules regarding these exceptions can be complex though, so it is vital that if you are involved in accident and would like to pursue a no win no fee accident claim then you should get in touch with a legal firm as soon as possible.

Getting expert legal advice after an accident is essential if you are to stand a chance of getting compensation. The money awarded to victims of accidents can help pay for a range of things, such as expenses for loss of earnings and for medical care.

Compensation is money that victims have a right to and are entitled to claim for, so they can use the financial compensation for a range of expenses. It’s important to remember the three-year time limit on making injury claims through a solicitor.

In this short article we shall take a look at the necessary steps needed to pursue a personal injury claim in Britain, in clear and concise language.

1. Find an accident solicitor. A quick browse around the Internet will uncover a wide range of firms offering to take on personal injury claims. Be sure to find one that works on a no win no fee basis and provides you with 100% of the compensation you are awarded.

2. When narrowing your selection of potential personal injury lawyers, also look for one that is well established with a history of success. It’s worth trying to find one that offers a cash advance upon approval of your claim.

3. Once you have found a suitable firm to take on your claim, they will arrange a meeting with you to assess the claim. This involves little more than simply answering questions regarding the nature of your injuries and the circumstances of the accident.

4. If the solicitor deems it necessary for your case, you will be given an appointment to be independently examined by a medical professional.

5. The solicitor will work with you to draw up a ‘schedule of losses’ detailing any financial losses you have suffered as a result of the accident. This is then sent to your employer or other party at fault in the accident.

6. If the other party accepts responsibility for the accident then your solicitor will then negotiate to determine how much compensation you will receive. Occasionally the claim proceeds to the courts, but even then under the no win no fee system there are no fees to pay, even if you lose

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