Colonel Sanders(kfc)

Colonel Sanders was born on 9 sept 1890.He was oldest of 3 sons.When he was 5 years old,his father died of fever. When he was 10 he began to work as a farmhand for local farmers.When he was 14 he transferred to southern Indiana to operate as a farmhand for Sam Wilson for 2 years. In 1906, along with his mother’s approval, he left the location to live together with his uncle in New Albany, Indiana.His uncle worked for the streetcar company, and secured Sanders a job as a conductor.

He started a lamp company but got bankrupted shortly due to low demand and sales.After a while, Sanders begun to practice law in Little Rock for three years, and he earned enough fees for his family to advance with him.unfortunately, without much success as he was removed outright from his profession as a result of brawl he started in court. Even though he was cleared,  his name has already been tarnished and his reputation was lost which is essential to create the trust of clients. It was impossible therefore to remain along this path.

Then his family moved and Sanders got a job as laborer on the Pennsylvania Railroad.He worked there till 1916 afterwhich he and his family again moved where sanders got a  job selling life insurance for the Prudential Life Insurance Company.But was again fired.So he worked as salesman job with Mutual Benefit Life for quit some time.

In 1920, Sanders established a ferry boat company.He canvassed for funding, transforming into a minority shareholder himself, and was appointed secretary from the company.The ferry got popular in no time.But there was something else he wanted
to do: manufacture acetylene farm lights..So he cleared $22,000 from his ferry company and started a company manufacturing acetylene lamps.But it failed.He says”Little by little, I lost everything I’d put in the business and I wound up broke. ”

In 1930, the Shell Oil Company offered Sanders a site station in Corbin,rent free, in substitution for paying them a portion of sales.Sanders started to serve chicken dishes for his coustomers.But seeing that his chicken dishes are becoming more popular he accuired a restaurent accross street.

Motivational quotes for students in story
Motivational quotes for students in story

His Corbin restaurant and motel was destroyed in a fire , and Sanders  rebuilt again with a 140 seat restaurant.after serving food for many years visitors there too dried up due to world war 2.

In 1952 he started to franchise his recipe as “Kentucky Fried Chicken” (kfc) consisting of 11 herbs and spices.It is said he got 1009 rejections,yep one thousand and nine rejections before Pete Harman of South Salt Lake, Utah aggred!!

Company rapid expanted to more than 600 locations .And in 1964 he sold the Kentucky Fried Chicken corporation for $2 million.